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We are your personal ally in helping you protect your business.
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Money Savings

01. Insurance Discounts

Many Insurance companies offer a reduction of premiums for using an Alcohol Server Training Program. The reduction in premiums often offsets the cost of the program. We would be happy to provide your insurance company with any documentation they require.

Local Coverage

02. State and Local Coverage

Our server training covers both state and local alcohol laws and regulations. We are involved at both the state and local level, so we can react quickly to changes and additions to state and local law.


03. New Hire Training

Your server staff will always be trained regardless of your server turnover rate. Our program is designed so that we can train your staff when they are hired.

We’ve got you covered

We have a flexible program to meet the varying needs of all our clients. We tailor the program to the customer, and we have the resources to provide all services such as server training, compliance checks, management training, consulting, etc.

We are your personal ally in helping you protect your business. We have an ear to the ground, and we will let you know about laws and operations that may affect you. If you have a question concerning alcohol sales and service or related issues, you can call us anytime. Our business is protecting your business.

We are a low-hassle program. We handle the training and the paperwork, and we do it when it is convenient for you. One of our goals is to minimize the time you spend worrying about and dealing with alcohol training and service issues.



Well trained managers
will mitigate potential risks


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